Wednesday, October 28, 2009

#18 Wikis

Loved the video by common thread. So easy to understand and process. I went on to view some Educational Wikis for English and they are amazing. Not only do they have discussions, but they also include videoes, updates, photos, news, weekly/monthly tasks etc.

One wiki I viewed also had a rules page, which was really interesting to see. I had a glance through the discussion and it was great to see that students could discuss and reply to specific posts. They could also tag it.

I would love to set up a Wiki in the coming holidays for next year and have students actively use it throughout the year. It need not be topic specific, but as the year progresses, different discussions could take place etc. It would be also great to see the progression of students discussion skills over 4 terms.

A Wiki could be used across KLA's in schools. What a great innovative collaborative website!

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