Monday, August 31, 2009

#4 Web 2.0

Through the readings I learnt about the transformation from Web 1.0 to Web 2.0. For example, the transition from Ofto to Flickr, Britannica to Wikipedia and Double Click to Google AdSense. It is also important to become familair with Web 2.0 as students are (mostly) not familiar with the original Web 1.0.

The importance of Google is something teachers need to acknowledge in and outside of the classroom. It was really intersting to learn that Google is not just software, it is a database full of useful tools, options and information. Classrooms and libraries need to adapt to the way information is exchanged - through Wiki's, blogs, Facebook, MySpace.
But as educators we still also need to explore with a class what Web 2.0 is with students and discuss the use of, for example, Wikipedia and learn about how interactive some of the sites really are (how information on Wikipedia can be changed).

#3 Let us know

This registration process was very easy to complete - I am not just waiting to make sure it has all gone through!!!

#2 Create a blog

Can't believe how easy it was to create a blog! The benefits of creating a blog for a class are obvious - as a facilitator for discussion and different/new ideas!!
Can't wait to try this out with a class - especially a discussion topic to begin with - it may take time for a class to get used to this medium - but in the long run it will be well worth it!!

#1 Introduction to this program

Really excited and keen to begin - found the links really useful, especially the Video. The Video was a great way to highlight the needs and concerns of technologically advanced Students in a classroom that needs to keep up!!
Can't wait to continue!