Tuesday, October 27, 2009

#17 Delicious

What a great way to organise, note and keep track of websites visitied. It was easy to create an account and access, and pretty wasy to naviagate.

As a teacher this would be great to share with other faculty members, especially when designing a new program and the resources for it. Most resources are online nowdays, especially information. It would be great to use Delicious to organise resources (websites) as a facutly, tag them and add notes (what was good, what was used, any other additional information). More websites could be added as the unit progresses. And access is great, as you can access Delicious on any computer anywhere!

With students this could be a great way of organising individual and group research tasks. Most tasks that require research now use the internet. Students regularly find a good website one lesson, but can't remember it for the next lesson. Delicious is a great way for them to be organised. It also can be used as an online bibliography.

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