Monday, November 9, 2009

#22 Ebooks & #23 AudioBooks

I really like using Audio Books in the classroom. I have used some audiobooks, last year and this year to help support low literacy students. It is a great way to support their reading skills and help them follow the story. To often when reading a novel in class, some students are left behind, or they are not sure what is happening in the story. With Audio Books you can pause, discuss, complete activities on paragraphs, chapters, characters, re-listen to sections to encourage student understanding of the novel.
The World Ebook Fair is a great site that I would like to explore in greater detail, especially areas on poetry.
LibriVox was a great site to browse. Was very excited to see Shakespeare listed. This is such a benefit in the classroom when a class is reading a play after or before viewing it on film. I have used a Romeo and Juliet Audio Book in the past, but have (until now) not been able to find other plays.

I have not used Ebooks in the classroom, but this has a lot of potential in low literady English classes. In one of my classes I have noticed that the students are very visual. Using an Ebook could help them achieve what most beleive, that "They cant' read a book". This 'pressure' could be relieved through the use of Ebooks. Also finding books out of print or hard to find books could be found on Ebook sites. These Ebooks could be used through a data projector or even an Interactive Whiteboard!

I am going to share the Ebooks with my faculty as a new way of engaging low literacy level students in a thematic (novel) study as an alternative to outdated books that they are not engaged in. :-)

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