Tuesday, September 1, 2009

#8 iGoogle

I really like iGoogle. I already use this at school on my work account. It's fun, interesting and engaging. I like adding different gagdgets, such as the Google Calendar, which lists homework and tasks that need to be completed. The 'To Do' list is another great gadget which both teachers and students can use to keep up with tasks and activities.
Everthing is just a click away and it is easy to begin setting up a page and adding gadgets. iGoogle is very engaging and innovative. It attracts all ages.
Maybe creating a gagdet about a classroom which could connect students and teachers together (like a portal) and you could leave messages etc.
Google looks like an intersting, vibrant, exciting place to work, where an atmosphere of collaboration is fostered and people are able to challenge each other in a positive way for the benefit of the company and become innovative. The best quote from an employee was, "You are in a position to make a difference to people you have never met!". This quote is what Google is about. It also seems the company ensures the comfort, saftey and health of it's employees. It would be extremely exciting and motivating to work at Google.

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